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10 Years

G4EU 10 yearsThis year Gate4EU exists 10 years! Thanks to everybody to make this happen!

Our History

In the year 2006 Gate4EU Antwerp, Belgium was founded.

The initial start-up operated out of a 20ft office container which was placed somewhere on the side of a container yard with 1 phone and 1 internet connection.

Those were the days ! Exciting and with a feeling of pioneering. Soon after, we moved to a fully furbished office of about 80 M2.


After 2 years with success and expansion of staff we moved upstairs in the same office building to an office of about 250 m2. Space, what a luxury !

From the early beginning it was a dream of the two owners Kim and William to be situated near the water with the Gate4EU Headquarters. Fascinated by waterways, ships, vessels, boats, barges and all other floating devices, nothing is as satisfactory as drawing energy from a fabulous substance as 'water‘ Glad to inform that this goal has been achieved.


Our newly constructed HQ is located near the 12 Km long river 'Rupel' which is a side river from our big river (Schelde) which brings all huge sea vessels from the North Sea to the actual Port of Antwerp. Furthermore the building itself has been constructed in a durable, renewable and environmentally friendly fashion. Some 90 % of all used construction materials are recyclable.


We as enterprisers have a responsibility towards the next generations, therefore we opted for re-used wood and steel as key materials with extra attention for insulation in order to minimize energy consumption.

We are extremely happy and proud with this achievement. Nothing is as rewarding as starting with an idea, working towards it and making it happen.

Our new HQ will enable us to keep working hard and moving forward together with our clients & overseas partners.


You want to see for your self?...Always welcome

New office

June 2012 - New Gate4EU office opens in Boom - Antwerp 

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